Felíratkozok a hírlevélre

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  • Sopron Plaza

    The entire climate system modernization has been made in the Sopron Plaza. Three pieces new climate unit has been installed more than 400 KW cooling capacity. The laminal heat exchanger and the entire outdoor pipeline system with DN300 dimension has been...

    Friendly soccer match

    Our team took part in a football tournament organized by GJK Provider Ltd., where four cool companies were represented. (Fo-Vill Ltd., GJk Ltd., Carrier, Cooltech). In the tournament, Fovill's team was unbeaten, which was a major player in the field. The team was...

    We opened our office in Budapest

    Our continuously flowing company has opened its office in Budapest. At the moment, sales have entered Budapest. Later, we want to expand the team with designers and project managers, and the company's ammonia systems department will be here.

    March's friendly football match

    On 2 March 2018, Fo-Vill Ltd.'s football team took part in a friendly cool tournament with the teams of GJK Kft. And CoolTech Kft. Many of our team members were absent due to illness or other activities in the tournament, but the guards who were present at the...

    New projekt in the heart of Europe

    LIDL Tessenderlo Belgium.  The whole cooling system in the shop was brushed up by the professionals of Fo-Vill. During the renewal all the outdated cooling cabinets were replaced by new and efficient AHT VENTO furniture. The complete job was passed in 24...

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